Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Uniqso - Maki Wig Review!


I'm here for a review for Uniqso and their Maki Wig from Love Live!

Before we begin, you can use my code LALODY for 10% off your entire order when shopping at UNIQSO.

So this wig arrived in two business days, I was VERY surprised. It came in safe packaging and comes with it's own plastic ziplock bag so you will have somewhere to store it when it arrives.

This is me wearing the product:

The wig is a very vibrant reddish pink, just like Maki! I was quite pleased when I put this wig on because I was very happy with the colour and the style. My mother says this is one of her favourite wigs on me :3

You can use my code LALODY for 10% off your order.

Ratings: 9/10

This wig is high quality that is pleasant to touch and easy to wear. It is easily adjustable to fit any head shape and heat proof so it can be styled in whatever style you want. I am quite happy with this wig.

Quality: 9/10

This wig is very easy to style and brush. It is also heat proof and doesn't loose many strands. It is synthetic, though it is very high quality and from a reputable business.

Colouring: 10/10

I am in love, love, loooveee with the colour of this wig. It is such a pretty shade of pink/red that I wish I could dye my own hair this exact colour. It suits Maki perfectly and anyone who wants to wear this wig in real life without having to edit the colouring on their photos will be pleasantly surprised. 

Sizing: 9/10

This wig is tight on my own head but IT FITS! Which is a very good thing because most wigs are slightly too small. This is because I have a loooooottt of real hair that needs to be stuffed in there and it can take it. This wig is also adjustable so people with smaller heads and less hair will also be able to wear it with ease.

Pricing: 10/10

At $24.90, this wig is worth every penny you spend. This is an affordable price that promises quality and comfort in your wig. This is a very reasonable price for this wig and that is why it gets a 10/10 for this wig. It is in the perfect price range. 

Remember, you can find this wig HERE and don't forget to check out all the other items! UNIQSO is most popular for their circle lenses. 

You can also use my code LALODY for 10% off your order.

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