Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Uniqso - Maki Wig Review!


I'm here for a review for Uniqso and their Maki Wig from Love Live!

Before we begin, you can use my code LALODY for 10% off your entire order when shopping at UNIQSO.

So this wig arrived in two business days, I was VERY surprised. It came in safe packaging and comes with it's own plastic ziplock bag so you will have somewhere to store it when it arrives.

This is me wearing the product:

The wig is a very vibrant reddish pink, just like Maki! I was quite pleased when I put this wig on because I was very happy with the colour and the style. My mother says this is one of her favourite wigs on me :3

You can use my code LALODY for 10% off your order.

Ratings: 9/10

This wig is high quality that is pleasant to touch and easy to wear. It is easily adjustable to fit any head shape and heat proof so it can be styled in whatever style you want. I am quite happy with this wig.

Quality: 9/10

This wig is very easy to style and brush. It is also heat proof and doesn't loose many strands. It is synthetic, though it is very high quality and from a reputable business.

Colouring: 10/10

I am in love, love, loooveee with the colour of this wig. It is such a pretty shade of pink/red that I wish I could dye my own hair this exact colour. It suits Maki perfectly and anyone who wants to wear this wig in real life without having to edit the colouring on their photos will be pleasantly surprised. 

Sizing: 9/10

This wig is tight on my own head but IT FITS! Which is a very good thing because most wigs are slightly too small. This is because I have a loooooottt of real hair that needs to be stuffed in there and it can take it. This wig is also adjustable so people with smaller heads and less hair will also be able to wear it with ease.

Pricing: 10/10

At $24.90, this wig is worth every penny you spend. This is an affordable price that promises quality and comfort in your wig. This is a very reasonable price for this wig and that is why it gets a 10/10 for this wig. It is in the perfect price range. 

Remember, you can find this wig HERE and don't forget to check out all the other items! UNIQSO is most popular for their circle lenses. 

You can also use my code LALODY for 10% off your order.

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PinkIcon - Royal Vision Macaron Green

Hey guys!

I'm back with another review for PinkIcon!

Dont forget you can use by code A24680000 for $5 off your order :3

Today I am reviewing the Royal Vision Macaron series in the colour Green!

The lenses took less than two weeks to arrive and came in a packet like this:

As you can see, they weren't the only lenses I got in this order ;) Let's take a closer look at their bottle...

 In the bottle they are a very, very vibrant green. It's quite nice to look at, especially since these are my very first green circle lenses. I was not disappointed!

When you put them in your eyes, this is how there appear:

They are very, very pretty an vibrant! I decided to use them in my cosplay of Sakura Haruno (Naruto) and they worked perfectly!

Ratings: 9/10

Pigmentation: 10/10

These were pleasantly bright and they coloured my darker eyes very nicely. They were clearly green and could be seen easily from a distance. The patterns on the lenses also appear to be quite natural.

Size/Comfort: 10/10

These lenses are quite large at a 14.8mm diameter and make a very nice anime eye effect. I thought I looked very cute while wearing the lenses and I could not feel them in my eyes!

Pricing: 8/10

At $24.98 these are not the cheapest lenses I have worn but I think it is very worth it because these lenses are so perfectly vibrant and I do not regret choosing them at all. You can get $5 off your order by using my code A24680000 :) But you can only use it once!


- Duration:Yearly
- Package:2 Bottles
- Price:USD$37.33
- D.I.A:14.50mm
- B.C.:8.60mm
- Water Content:38.50%

You can get $5 off your order by using my code A24680000

Here is a picture of my full face wearing the lenses!

I hope you have enjoyed my review for the Royal Vision Macaron lenses from PinkIcon. If you don't like the green, you CAN pick another colour! My code applies to all lenses - except toric!

I'll see you again soon!

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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Pinkicon - Sugar Candy Brown

Hey again!

This time I will be reviewing a pair of lenses from PinkIcon! They are a circle lens store with over 500 lenses to choose from and free shipping worldwide.

Today I will be reviewing the Sugar Candy Brown lenses which are available in Pink, Violet, Blue, Green, Grey and Brown.

Before we begin, I would like to mention that you can use my discount code [A24680000] at the checkout for $5USD off your order :)

Okay, so my parcel was shipped with express shipping and arrived within a week after it was placed. I opened the parcel and this was everything that was inside my order:

The case is actually holding all the circle lenses I received and under the cards and manuals are some false eyelashes. These lashes are used in my example photos.

This is the bottle that they come in. Remember: when you open your lenses you must put them in new multipurpose solution for at least 3 hours before you wear them. Preferably even longer.

This is what happens when I put them over my dark green (almost brown) eyes! The lashes are also from PinkIcon and can be found HERE.


Overall: 8/10

Colour/Pigment: 9/10
On my dark eyes they work wonder by making the eye pop and lined. They are certainly one of my brighter brown lenses. I really enjoyed wearing these lenses and they made me feel sooooo cute! They are quite large as well! The black lining never fails to make the eye really pop.

Comfort: 10/10 
I could not feel the lenses at all and they were very, very easy to put in and take out with my longer nails.

Practicality: 8/10
While they are clearly not natural at a close distance, they can quite easily be worn over brown eyes (or other colors, depending on which one you choose) and make your eyes pop. You will probably have someone point them out, though!

Pricing: 7/10
These lenses are priced at $25USD which is a pretty average price for a pair of lenses. They are practical so you will wear them often. It is quite worth the money, in my opinion.


Duration:               Yearly 
Package:                 6 Blisters 
Price:                      USD$25.06 
 D.I.A:                    14.50mm 
B.C.:                       8.50mm 
Water Content:       42.00%

Please don't forget that you can use my code  [A24680000] at the checkout for $5USD off your order :)

Here is a pic of my full face wearing the lenses:

I hope you have enjoyed my review for the Sugar Candy Brown lenses from PinkIcon. If you don't like the brown, you CAN pick another colour! My code applies to all lenses - except toric!

I'll see you again soon!

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Friday, 13 February 2015

MicCostumes White Wig Review~

Hey guys~ It's been a while!
Today I am here to write a review for a white wig that I was sponsored by MicCostumes.com!
This is the final product:

You can find the wig HERE
Okay, so  the wig arrived about two weeks after it was ordered, and came in a nice rectangular box. I pulled the wig out and this was what it was like before styling:
As you can see, the fringe of the wig was very, very long (it reached my mouth!) so I had to do some styling :3 It was not very difficult at all.
This wig is unfortunately not heat proof, however it makes up for it by being incredibly easy to style. The fibres are soft yet have enough friction and volume to not require much styling products which is perfect for beginner cosplayers and those who don't like using many products on their wigs.
The wig also lacks a skin top, which means that if you part the fibres at the top, you can see the cap. But good luck getting that far because the fibres on top are very, very dense so you would need to lose a lot of fibres before that could happen.
Speaking of losing fibres, in the few times that I have brushed his wig, it has not lost many fibres at all. This is very good because it means that it will retain it's quality for quite a long time.

Ratings: 6/10 (Neutral Good)
Overall, this wig is very good for beginners yet not quite the quality of a perfect quality wig.

Quality: 6/10 (Neutral Good)
It lacks heat proof and a skin top, yet makes up for it in having very dense and easy to style fibres. It is a very good choice for beginner stylists as some of the more complicated wigs can be a bit tougher to have cooperate with you. 

Colouring: 7/10 (Good)
I expected it to be pure white, yet it has hints of grey and blue. It is only very, very subtle and under certain lights. You can probably fix this with some toning.

Sizing: 10/10 (Perfect)
This is one of the more comfortable wigs that I own. I have quite a lot of hair so it can be difficult wearing wigs for a long time without getting a headache from it. This wig is quite large so it can fit lots of hair, yet is adjustable so if you don't have much hair, you can make it a lot smaller.

Pricing: 5/5 (Neutral)
It can put a dent in your budget at $35.59. Luckily, though, if you are looking to complete a full cosplay (specifically, Gilbert from Hetalia), you can combine it with a full cosplay outfit to get it a lot cheaper. It is not bad quality, either, so it is worth it.

You can find this wig HERE, Be sure to check out all their other products as well!