Thursday, 4 December 2014

LemonyLemon Review

Hi guys!

It's me again back with another review, this time for some accessories that I have from a store called LemonyLemon~

LemonyLemon is a store based in Australia that focuses on selling decorative nails and kawaii accessories! They are also very affordable, which is a plus because you don't want to be spending too much money on accessories ^.^ Seriously, some stuff I see in other stores are wayyyyy over priced and I feel very ripped off just by looking at the price tag -_-' Fwhuuu~

The items took 7 days to arrive at my house because I am in the same country as the store, so I assume that if you were to order and you are outside Australia, then it may take 2-3 weeks.

When they arrived and I undid the basic packaging, it looked like this~

They were very securely wrapped up and the items themselves were wrapped in bubble packaging to stop them from breaking during their travels. The packaging is simple and very easy to open, which I found was very good.

First, was the necklace, which seems to be out of stock now but you can find more HERE

You can see from the picture that the necklace is a cute little bunny rabbit wearing a bow with a beaded chain ~ All the colours are really bright and pastel which means this necklace is suitable for any kawaii fashion such as Lolita ^_^

It's made from hard plastic and the bow and chain are glued onto the rabbit. The invisible glue seems to be very tough and it looks unlikely to break any time soon! I really like this necklace and I intend to wear it a lot!

This necklace was $12AUD to buy and definitely worth the money. 

Next are the two rings that I received:
The rings are brightly coloured and large on my fingers, so they stand out! (But they aren't too distracting). 
You can purchase rings from LemonyLemon HERE for under $5.00AUD.

The rings are made entirely from hard plastic (bar the band which is painted metal) and, as you can see in the third image, flexible to suit most fingers. Mine fit nicely on my first three fingers but are a little loose on my small, pinky finger :3 

These rings are held together by glue which is invisible and very tough. Again, I think it would take quite a lot to break the rings as they seems pretty durable~

Here are some images of my wearing the items :3

As you can see, the items are super sweet and appropriate for photo shoots :3 I don't yet have a discount code for the items but as you probably realized it isn't really necessary when everything is super cheap xD I mean, the rings are under $5 and the necklace is $12 :3 The value for money is amazing hehehe

I will definitely be wearing these again in the future so stick around to see more.

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Special thanks to LemonyLemon for sponsoring me these items to review!

Until next time, byebye!

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