Thursday, 4 September 2014

Cafe Mimi Latte ~ Uniqso Review

Hey guys ~

I'm here with a review for the circle lenses that I received from Uniqso! These lenses are the Cafe Mimi Latte :) 

When I was ordering from Uniqso, the service was quick and easy and I got my package right on time! When it came in the mail and I opened it, the lenses looked like this~
I like the packaging :D
My eyes are naturally brown, so when I put them in my eye they expanded the eye, rather than circling it with another colour. This is how they came out on my brown eyes~
You could do some pretty cool things with these lenses~
You can purchase these lenses from Uniqso for $23.90USD but if you want to get them cheaper you can use my discount code 'AQUILAS' for 10% off  !!

Comfort 10/10 
As long as you take care of these lenses you will not be able to feel them! I was wearing them for 7-8 hours without any issues and I felt super cute as well!

Coverage/Appearance 7/10
I give these lenses a 7 for coverage and appearance because they are super cute however they only line the outside of your eyes so if you're looking for a huge eye colour change these won't help with that. They will however make your eyes look really big!

These lenses are very natural looking so you could get away with using these lenses in every day fashion like I do. Even my family thought they looked very natural! These are definitely the lenses to use in fashion and if you're after lenses for a character with gold or brown eyes, these are definitely the lenses for you. Here are some more fantastic natural looking circle lenses

Where can I get these lenses?
Uniqso is the best place to buy these lenses and a great circle lense company if you want good quality and big eyes at a really affordable price. They have a very large selection, so even if you are not after these lenses you can get many different ones.

I really like these lenses and I can definitely see myself wearing them a lot!

{Use my discount code AQUILAS for 10% off from all order from Uniqso!}

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