Thursday, 21 August 2014

Barbie Bella 4 Tones Brown ~ Uniqso Review

Hey guys! It's me again :D

Today I will be reviewing a pair of lovely Barbie Bella 4 Tones Brown circle lenses that I received from Uniqso. I really like these lenses because of their natural appearance and the enhancing features.

This is what the lenses looked like when I opened the mail:
They come in a pretty white and gold packaging. 
This is them inside of the case:

They look really green in this case but they come out slightly browner, like so!

You can purchase these lenses from Uniqso for $16.90 so they're fairly cheap. When you purchase from Uniqso you can also use my discount code 'AQUILAS' for 10% off your order! (That means you can get these lenses for $15.20 which is super cheap!)

Comfort: 10/10
I honestly cannot feel these lenses at all when they are in my eyes. They are really well made and make me feel super cute even with my natural hair out. 

Coverage/Appearance: 8/10
These lenses add tones to your eyes so that have a lot of tiny, clear patches which allows your natural colour to shine through.These lenses I would recommend for someone with brown or green eyes like myself, but if you have blue eyes then you can get the Barbie Bella 4 Tones Blue/Green version for a nicer look :)
These lenses are also really wide and make me look super doe-eyed but looking natural because they enhance my own eyes so wonderfully. 

Total: 9/10
I really do like these lenses and I will find myself using these lenses in casual situations that I can get away with wearing lenses... unlike if I was wearing an entirely different colour. These lenses look super cute naturally and I recommend them to anyone who is after a nice set of doe-eyed fashion lenses to enhance your own eye colour. 

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If you decide to purchase these or any other products from Uniqso, don't forget to use my discount code 'AQUILAS' for 10% off!
Also check out the circle lens information for your concerns regarding contact lenses!

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