Monday, 26 May 2014

AquilasKiss~ Vassen Lollipop Violet Lense Review

Hey lovelies,

I have another pair of lenses from Pinky Paradise that I wanted to review.

This pair is from the Vassen Lollipop series in the colour violet. This lense also has flecks of yellow in it that don't show too much when inserted into a brown eye. When you first receive these lenses and open them, you will see a lot of yellow is visible however there is no need to worry as the colour comes up a lot more purple and the yellow is harder to see.

This is a picture of me wearing them when I cosplayed as Tamaki Suoh:

For some reason the hair in that pic came up very yellow... my apologies...

Anyway, we can see that they come up as a very deep violet shade with some yellow to break it up. I was considering using this pair to cosplay as Drocell Keinz from Black Butler as they are coloured perfectly for his eyes.

These contacts are 14.5mm wide, with 8.6mm as the base curve. They are very soft and quite easy to get into your eye for a lense with such diameter. You can barely feel them once they are in your eye and I have had no problems with the colour invading my eyesight. 

These are priced very fairly at $23.90 USD at Pinky Paradise and well worth every dollar. (link to lense here)

Comfort: 9/10
Enlarging: 10/10
Colour: 9/10
Coverage: 8/10
Natural: 6/10
Cosplay: 9/10
Price: 7/10

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